It always good to have a clear out, getting rid of things that are just 'clutter' in your life, making your space feel more attractive, easier to manage 

and the feeling that you are now liberated as a result. You now have more space for better things that add more value to your life and brings you much
more satisfaction than you had before.

However! What if some of this clutter comes in the form of people? This could be area of your life that is in serious need of de-cluttering. It could be
an area that is holding you back from your full potential also and much thought should be applied to this part of your life.

To carry out an assessment of the people in your life is easy. You just need to hold the thought of each person, one at a time and think about how they
make you feel.

Do those on your list make you feel good? Are they supportive of you, do they encourage you, do they rejoice with you when things are good, do they 

commiserate with you when things are bad, do they listen to you, do they want you to succeed? If so, stop reading right now.

Do those on your list make you feel bad? Do they criticise you, call attention to your mistakes, seem pleased at your perceived failings, are they only
there when it suits them in their bad times, when they want to moan, when they need a sounding board, when they have good news about themselves?

Beware of those in your life who masquerade as friends or loved ones who use you for their own purposes. 

All relationships are give and take. Notice who is giving and who is taking.

You could find that some in your life use you as a means to measure themselves and for them to feel good about themselves. You could find that their
method to achieve that is to knock you down, to blow out your flame so theirs burns brighter. Never allow this.These jealous types will never
acknowledge your successes but will get enjoyment in seeing you fail.

This type of spring clean come be an unpleasant shock but it is also a valuable lesson and tool that will bring much better circumstances to your life.

Watch for this as these people are not serving you. They are intent on reducing you in order for them to feel better about themselves. You are a
reflection of what they will never be. These people are only there to poison your dream. Making them feel better though is not your job, it is theirs!

With this knowledge you can break free and spend your time in better ways that will bring you the best out of life. De-clutter people and not just
things. Your space will then feel easier to manage and you will feel liberated as a result. You will now have more space for better people that add more value
to your life and this then brings you much more satisfaction than you had before.

Do yourself a big favour!

A very informative article and a great read!

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