As a human you have a wonderful gift of your very own internal guidance system that has always been present within you.

You know when something feels right or wrong, you just know it. You may not know why but you just know.

There is a quick test you can undertake that can apply to any area of your life.

If you are pondering a course of action and feel very unsure of what you should do, access the source of all knowledge. Easy! But how can you do this?

Place your attention on the pit of your stomach and ask your question: Read More



It always good to have a clear out, getting rid of things that are just 'clutter' in your life, making your space feel more attractive, easier to manage 

and the feeling that you are now liberated as a result. You now have more space for better things that add more value to your life and brings you much
more satisfaction than you had before.

However! What if some of this clutter comes in the form of people? This could be area of your life that is in serious need of de-cluttering. It could be
an area that is holding you back from your full potential also and much thought should be applied to this part of your life.

To carry out an assessment of the people in your life is easy. You just need to hold the thought of each person, one at a time and think about how they
make you feel.Read More