Carole Griffiths, Psychic & Tarot Readings, Healer  40+ Years experience.

QHHT Practitioner Level 2, (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) Trained under Dolores Cannon and true to her original method.

Bestselling Co-Author of Soul Warrior, Accessing Realms Beyond the Veil.

Located in Manchester, United Kingdom


Online Chat and Phone Readings from £35.00 / $45.00

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Fast answers to questions that are troubling you. I am here to provide clarity in an uncertain world, to help you navigate worrying life situations. All areas of life are covered. Leave the rest to spirit.

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Carole and I have great pleasure in offering my services to you. I am a natural-born, third-generation psychic and healer and have provided readings for 40+ years, serving thousands of clients all around the world.

I inherited my gift from my father's side of the family. My father was a gifted psychic medium himself and his mother, my grandmother used to give palm and tea leaf readings. Growing up around them was an interesting experience! My paternal grandfather also possessed the same gift, using a planchette along with two of his brothers to access the unseen worldGiven that both my dad's parents were mediumistic, he was lucky enough to have a very strong concentration of this gift. I am so grateful that it trickled down to me!

Although I was born psychic, I still had to hone my skills and I did that through working with other mediums in a physical circle for a number of years. The energies of working with others was quite amazing and I will always bless those special days where I learnt so much. Currently I am a member of a Transfiguration Circle, sitting with some beloved souls who magically crossed my path. We sit for spirit two to three times a week regularly with wonderful results. I also sit in a development circle weekly which truly feeds my soul.

I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath and Healer with the ability to see, hear, sense and feel spirit messages.

The messages I will give you are clear and strong and what spirit hope to achieve through me is to set you in the right direction given where you are currently in your life. They will positively push you along to where you need to be and tell you what you need to know next!

I am also a QHHT Hypnosis Practitioner and Co-Author of the book “Soul Warrior, Accessing Realms Beyond the Veil”. 

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Customer Testimonials

“Just fantastic!”

Kathy, Yorkshire

Customer Testimonials

“Her readings are spot on!”

Lisa, Sheffield

“So reassuring and a great listener”

Bob, Southampton

Customer Testimonials

“I consider Carole a trusted friend.”

Sandra, Hertfordshire

“Excellent Carole, I will be back! ”

Anonymous, Peterborough

Customer Testimonials

“Carole reads your situation so well and is so fast with the answers, I highly recommend her”

Mutya, London

Customer Testimonials

“You will come away feeling inspired and grateful to someone who really understands what is going on in your life. Not only that, she tells you how to fix all the wrongs”

Stephen, Cardiff

Customer Testimonials

“Carole is such a warm lady who provides calming and sends you in the right direction”

Kay, Derbyshire

Customer Testimonials

“Carole is so kind, caring and reassuring”

Anonymous, Middlesborough

“She is amazing!”

Kate, Wirral

Customer Testimonials

“The support and spiritual guidance is invaluable. Now my life makes perfect sense.”

Jackie, West Midlands

Customer Testimonials

“Non-judgemental and the readings are very thorough.”

Karen, Gloucester

“Very deep insights that made a lot of sense.”

Jodie, Lancaster

Customer Testimonials

“Psychic Carole is fantastic, extremely accurate and her spiritual guidance is second to none. Carole offers a friendly and comforting service. I have asked Carole for spiritual guidance on many occasions, over many years and she is always spot on. Thank you Carole for a wonderful experience.”

Jemma, Swindon

Customer Testimonials

“A fantastic reading highly recommend xxx”

Lisa, Northwich

Customer Testimonials

“Thank you so much, makes so much sense. Really appreciate it. So true in what you said."

Lynn, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

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I also offer Hypnotherpay using the Dolores Cannon Method of Quantum Healing. Find out more by visiting my Hypnotherapy page.